SITREP – Situation Report: report on the current situation in a particular area

EXCHECK – Execution Checklist: list of tasks to complete

AAR – After Action Report: structured debrief of what happened, why it happened, and what could be done better as well as any other takeaways

CONOPS – Concept of Operations: A statement or diagram describing how an operation is to be carried out using the available resources

OPORD – Order of Operations: directive issued by a commander to subordinate leaders for the purpose of effecting the coordinated execution of an operation. Provides information and details essential for subordinate leaders to execute a mission. Outlines the situation, terrain, activities and overall mission concept to a group of leaders for understanding and execution.

FTX – Field Training Exercise: Echelon Front’s hands on application training of Extreme Ownership Principles

IAD – Immediate Action Drill: task or question to be completed immediately

TOC – Tactical Operations Center: command post for operations, usually includes a small group of specially trained personnel who guide members of an active tactical element during a mission

SOP- Standard Operating Procedure: set of instructions for completing a certain recurring task, best practice

CCIR- Commander’s Critical Information Requirements: Information that the person in charge must be notified of immediately

Fire Team: small sub-unit of infantry designed to optimize tactical doctrine in combat. Depending on mission requirements, a typical fireteam consists of 4 members

Murder Board: committee of questioners set up to critically review a proposal and/or help someone prepare for a difficult oral examination ot presentation

Check: understood

No Factor: don’t worry about it, all good

Leadership Capital: leadership capital in a relationship is like money in the bank, you can make deposits and withdrawals with every interaction based on the way in which you communicate

Stand By (to get some): awaiting impact, waiting for a response