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Andre van Zyl
New Member


I have been giving the opportunity to lead a small team at my company, I have been working with the team for the past 2 years from a operational point of view and not managing/leading perspective.

The previous leader did things very differently, if you read and understood Extreme Ownership and Dichotomy, it was kinda the opposite how he ran the team.

How can I approach the team to change the way they have been lead, to take ownership, be disciplined, get the buy in from them in how I want to lead the team so we can win as a team.

At the end my goals is in line with the companies mission , to succeed and win in each project that we get.

Any suggestions/recommendations.

Thank you

Posted : 17/05/2020 7:53 am
Jacob Petersen
Active Member

Andre - find your voice. If you already understand the principles of Extreme Ownership, you are lightyears ahead of most new managers. Don't get caught up in the comparison game of how the former manager did things vs. how you will do something. That said, don't forget the lessons learned from the old manager.

What I would suggest: Be genuine, build relationships, and focus on the leadership basics. Make sure the team knows that you are about the team, not about "being the manager". Always do what you say you are going to do. Remember, your actions speak louder than words.

Good luck in your new role.

Posted : 20/05/2020 1:24 am
Sam Palazzolo
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Congratulations on your recent leadership position! There’s been a lot written on the topic (Amazon reports 4,000+), and it sounds like you have a plan to leverage the EF Leadership methodology. I’d look to breakdown what that methodology looks like for the team by:

1 – Analyze the current workload. There’s probably a set daily/weekly/monthly production expectation of the team. Find out what it is, what delivery vs expectation has been (across parameters like time, quality, etc.) and if you have the right team members working on the right aspects of the production.
2 – Meet as a team to discuss performance, goals, expectations, etc.
3 – Meet individually (One-on-One 1:1) to establish individual performance, goals, etc.

It’s a deep topic, but you have the first 90-days to explore/identify/impact. If you’d like to have a discussion offline, please PM me (I’ll help anyway I can!)


Posted : 22/05/2020 3:06 pm