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  • Debra O’Connell

    June 30, 2020 at 10:23 pm

    Stephanie, Thank you! Passion is definitely one way to put it, which using that term is where I need to be cautious on the emotion side. Sometimes it is difficult to put and keep in perspective why people donโ€™t see it the way that I see it, as Leif also pointed out. I am finding in this role that I need to be able to detach and reflect a bit more which is difficult to do during the meetings and discussions. Where we are lacking is taking action which is what my directive has been. So going back to the OODA loop (or similarly in our healthcare quality world, plan, do, check, act or Lean Six Sigma world of DMAIC, all process improvement cycles though) we need to act to make the improvements. Our teams will be starting up next week, so more to come!