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  • Debra O’Connell

    June 29, 2020 at 11:00 pm

    It has been about a year or a little more since I first listened to Extreme Ownership. It had been in my wishlist for a while and the timing has been motivating and it has provided me leadership guidance when I had none. My boss at the time was absent and I engaged, whining about other leaders that had been promoted when she had been overlooked. Then her mother became ill and she disconnected even more leaving myself and another manager at the time foundering trying to figure out what we needed to cover with no guidance. Then she left and they left her position open for 5 months. I interviewed for it and got it. But the podcasts and information from Extreme Ownership and Dichotomy of Leadership kept me going and guided me on how to get through the scenario I was in. Now, after being promoted 6 months ago I am still working at it everyday doing my best to implement what I have literally learned from Jocko, Leif and the EF Team and I am now Shari f those approaches with my current boss and my team leaders. Today I was default aggressive when presenting a plan and one of the VPs was against my goal… my boss totally supported my approach and I can only think that my confidence in the approach and aggressive goal I set for was a result of what I have learned! I continue to learn daily on how I can implement these strategies in life and work. Life changing!