EFOnline.com takes the leadership principles taught by Echelon Front and packages them into a scalable, cost-effective model that provides our clients 24-7 access to EF leadership instructors. Bring the EF leadership principles to your organization for the fraction of the cost of bringing an Instructor on site.


Please allow up to 24hrs for Tech Support.

What Courses Are Currently Available?

Core Courses:

  • Battle of Ramadi
  • Laws of Combat
  • Mindsets of Victory
  • Extreme Ownership
  • Over a dozen Frequently Asked Leadership questions answered by Jocko and Leif

Each Courses Includes Multiple Lessons. 

Is EF Online designed for the individual or meant for groups?

Designed for the individual.

is there a certificate of completion?

Yes. There is a downloadable certificate at the end of the “Extreme Ownership” module.

Can EF Online be easily accessed on a smartphone or tablet?

EFonline can be viewed on all mobile platforms although some functions will perform better on a laptop or desktop computer. 

What Browser does EF Online work best in?

On a laptop or desktop we recommend Firefox or Safari.

How long does a typical module take on average?

Each module takes between 20-75 minutes. Our users say it takes them about 6 hours to go through all of the content currently in the library. More will be loaded each month

How many modules are planned for EF Online?

 1 new module or live instructor session released every 1-2 months

When does monthly $12.99 payment incur?

After your first month, a $12.99 fee each month will occur for continued access.