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Battle of Ramadi:

Provides an overview of how Task Unit Bruiser, Jocko and Leif’s Navy SEAL element, supported a large US Conventional Army unit to achieve victory in an ‘unwinnable’ battle – the lessons they learned there spawned the Extreme Ownership leadership principles.

The Four Laws of Combat:

Deep dives into the Four Laws of Combat which are the behaviors displayed by effective leaders and teams – this module provides the user interactive scenarios to apply these principles to both military and business challenges.

Mindsets for Victory:

Details the mindsets required to effectively use the Four Laws of Combat and ultimately continually improve and capture opportunities on your battlefield.

Extreme Ownership:

Explores the bedrock mindset that winning leaders, teams and organizations display – there is no excuse, there is no one else to blame if you don’t accomplish your piece of the mission, take ownership of your life and everything that impacts your mission.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Over 15 of the most frequently asked and challenging leadership questions we get as we engage with clients have been answered by Jocko and Leif. This list will continue to grow.


Avoid being your own your worst enemy. To do that, you must constantly self-assess and find ways to improve. You will use our self-assessment tool to find out where you are off balance as a leader and identify actions you can take to get back on track.


Our perspective on analytical decision making – test yourself on your ability to Observe, Orient, Decide and Act through scenario-based questions

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