One Year of Leadership Training

$415 for the entire year

Each option offers $9.95 a month after the first year. No set up fee.

New content and modules will be released on a monthly cadence, growing the EF Online library and providing you the latest thinking and training on leadership from the Echelon Front Team.


Look for registration email in your inbox after payment for instructions on how to access. 

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Example modules in 2019 are:

“OODA Loop” – Dave Berke
“Self-assessments” – Flynn Cochran
“What is Leadership” – Jocko Willink
“Frontline Leadership” – JP Dinnell
“Leading up the Chain of Command” – Leif Babin
“Safety & Risk Mitigation” – Jocko Willink
“Extreme Ownership Implementation” – Mike Sarraille

Who We Are

Decorated, combat-proven Veterans with experience in building, training and leading high-performance winning teams.